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As we enter this week of remembrance leading up to April 19, hear from a powerful lineup of guests who remind us Why We Run.

On April 19, 1995, Congressman Frank Lucas, representing Oklahoma’s 6th district, was in Dallas with the Oklahoma congressional delegation. That morning, he learned from a reporter that an explosion occurred in downtown Oklahoma City, just over a block away from his own office. From that moment, he has been a vocal advocate for those killed, their families, the survivors and first responders. Hear his account from that harrowing day, including the search for his injured staff members and how he was forever changed.

Nick Chafey was just four years old when his mother, Rona Linn Kuehner-Chafey, was killed in the Oklahoma City bombing. Twenty-eight years later, he’s honoring her memory and the memory of the 168 killed by volunteering his athletic training services alongside on-course medical chairman and his mentor Ed Sunderland. Together they reflect on Nick’s and his family’s journey and remind us Why We Run.

And finally, there’s one pandemic-related change to the Memorial Marathon that’s here to stay: the Why We Run Weekend series. Instead of all races occurring on one day, six races are now split between two days, allowing runners to experience the Marathon in a more meaningful way with the 5K on Saturday and the half or full Marathon on Sunday. Memorial Marathon ambassador Jennifer Hilger is just one of these runners and stops by to explain why she Runs to Remember on Saturday and Sunday.

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