Best Places to Watch the Race!

  • THE START – Like no other in the world, as poignant and breathtaking as you’ll find.
  • BRICKTOWN – As runners get settled in, anticipation is high. The race has not begun to string out yet, so the effect of seeing thousands of runners is stunning.
  • STATE CAPITOL COMPLEX – The Oklahoma State Capitol is a beautiful setting and the ease of access make this a perfect place to view.
  • SPARROW PARK / EDGEMERE PARK – Robinson entrance from 36th. Watch runners as the road winds through historic neighborhoods with room to view from the east side of park.
  • CROWN HEIGHTS / GORILLA HILL / IRISH ALLEY – 38th and Shartel; just beyond the 1st Relay handoff and on to where the Half Marathon turns around at Bishop McGuinness High School. See wonderful neighborhoods and experience some incredible support and spirit as Half and Full marathoners get settled in.
  • NICHOLS HILLS / WAVERLY AVE. – Between Wilshire and Britton: From here, runners are well spread out and easy to view for this festive neighborhood atmosphere.
  • NICHOLS HILLS / GRAND BLVD – Park at Nichols Hills Plaza or lot at 63rd and Grand. You can easily proceed downtown to watch the finish.
  • CLASSEN BLVD – Between 63rd and 50th. This is a long stretch on Classen and includes the 20-Mile mark, which is an important point for the runners to have support.
  • 18TH AND CLASSEN – Historic Mesta Park greets spectators and runners, and leads to one of the oldest, most scenic neighborhoods – Heritage Hills.
  • THE FINISH – See the mass of people on the straightaway, finishing to the cheers of enthusiastic crowds.