Audio Experience for Virtual Marathon

September 1, 2020

Personalize your Virtual Marathon experience by adding the free Motigo app for a truly unique run. Hear pre-recorded messages from us as well as inspiring, thoughtful and even humorous audio messages recorded by your friends and family – wherever they are – it’s the emotional fuel you need to help you have the very best day! Record your own mantras and reminders (fuel, hydrate, pace yourself) to make the day your own!

Download the app to get started. Available for iOS and Android.


Instructions For Friends and Family

  1. Download the app.
  2. Select “Cheer” and select “Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon”
  3. Search for your runner.
  4. Select what mile to deliver the cheer on.
  5. Introduce yourself at the beginning of the message. Something like “Hey this is [NAME], coming to you from [CITY]!”
  6. Messages should be about 10-30 seconds. No more than 60 seconds please.
  7. Try to put your messages just before or just after a mile marker (Ex: at 1.05 miles, not 1 mile).