Want to experience the camaraderie and energy of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon with family and friends? Enter a team in the 5-person relay. With two 3.1 mile legs, two 6.2 mile legs and one 7.5 mile leg the Relay has opportunities for runners of all skill levels and walkers are welcome.

Register Your Team

The first person to register the team will become the Team Captain.

  1. Click “Marathon Relay” and start to complete the registration process.
  2. Continue on to the question slide that says “Team Selection.”
  3. Then select “Create New.” This is where you have the opportunity to come up with your team name.
  4. Be sure to tell your teammates the name that you created so that when they go to join your team they can find the correct team to join. Get creative! (Note: the Relay entry can only be paid once during registration).

Add Team Members or Join a Relay Team

After you have created your Relay Team, you must have each team member register and join your team. On the last slide of registration, you can add other team members at the Checkout Summary screen. Click the ADD NEW ENTRY button, select the Relay option, and add your team members using SAME TEAM NAME to avoid additional fees.

In order for prospective Teammates to join, they will need to go through the registration process themselves. Have each team member enter their personal information, then continue on to “Team Selection” and click “Join Team.” As long as the team member types in the correct team name, they will be added to your team, and their registration fee will be waived. Complete the rest of your registration process and you are successfully added to the team!

If you need any help removing individuals from your team, changing the Captain of the Relay, or any other relevant inquiries, please contact us.

Packet Pickup

There is one packet for each team. It includes all 5 bibs and the timing tag. Only one person from each team needs pick up the packet, but all are welcome in the Expo! Packet pickup confirmation is emailed to the team captain.

Team Format

A team consists of 5 members. Your team can be fewer than 5 members (one or more members running more than one leg), but entry fee is the still the same. A team member can participate in more than one event as long as he/she is registered in each event. You must register and pay any additional race entries if you choose to run more than one event. (Note: you may only run Leg 1 of the Relay if you wish to also run the Half Marathon. All other legs of the Relay take you into the Full Marathon course.) It is not possible to run the 5K course and participate in the Relay.

Each participant will cross an exchange at the end of their leg. Relay medals will only be available at the Finish Line.

Exchange Zones & Transportation

Relay transportation is provided. Buses transport to and from the Relay Exchanges. Approximate ride times to the exchanges vary from 15 to 20 minutes, depending on distance. More information on shuttle locations and times to come soon.

  • Leg 1: Runner 1 takes off from the Start Line, runs 10K and hands off to Runner 2 at Exchange Zone 1 – Crown Heights Park on 38th Street Between Shartel Avenue and North Walker Avenue
  • Leg 2: Runner 2 runs 5K and hands off to Runner 3 at Exchange Zone 2 – NW 62nd Street, east of North Shartel Avenue
  • Leg 3: Runner 3 runs 12K and hands off to Runner 4 at Exchange Zone 3 –  Greystone Avenue and Pembroke Terrace
  • Leg 4: Runner 4 runs 5K and hands off to Runner 5 at Exchange Zone – Sherwood Lane and NW Grand Blvd.
  • Leg 5: Runner 5 runs 10K to the Finish Line.


Teams can compete in the following categories:

Open Division – no age restriction

  • Male (all males), Female (all females), Mixed (at least two of each gender)

Masters Division – all team members 40 or over

  • Male (all males), Female (all females), Mixed (at least two of each gender)

Corporate Division – all employees from the same company

  • Male (all males), Female (all females), Mixed (at least two of each gender)

Groups – no age or gender restrictions

  • Fire, Police or Military (all active duty or retired firemen, policemen or military personnel)
  • Government Agency (all current or retired from same government agency)
  • High School Students (all current high school students)
  • College Students (all current college students)
  • Family (must be legal relatives)

Odds and Ends (doesn’t fit other categories)