Kids Marathoners will run 25 miles leading up to their final 1.2 miles on race day in downtown Oklahoma City! We recommend kids begin 8-10 weeks before to maximize the free training program and educational resources provided with registration. Check out all of the Kids Marathoner resources and start training!

Race Weekend

Pick up your race packet at the Health & Fitness Expo. All School Team participants should check with their Team Captain to determine if their packet has been picked up prior to the Expo.

Start Line

  • On Harvey in front of the Memorial Museum
  • Race begins at 8:15am with color group waves released in 5 minute intervals
  • Join us for the warm-up with Rumble, announcements and fun!


Color Group Wave Start

  • Each runner will be assigned a color group designated by the bib color.
  • Team members of a school group will have the same color group assigned to them and will not be separated. Runners will find out their color group and the order of the waves at school packet pickup (for schools) or the Expo (for individuals).
  • Safety Net Runners will lead each wave with large signs matching the color of that wave.
  • Each color group wave will go through the Finish Line into the finishers’ corral, get their medals, and go to their finishers’ meet up area together.

Color Group Start Times

8:15 – Wave 1: Orange
8:20 – Wave 2: Brown
8:25 – Wave 3: Yellow
8:30 – Wave 4: Pink
8:35 – Wave 5: Green
8:40 – Wave 6: Gray
8:45 – Wave 7: Blue
8:50 – Wave 8: Purple
8:55 – Wave 9: Red

Finish Line

The Finish Line is just past Robinson Avenue and Oklahoma City Boulevard near Scissortail Park. Once in the corral, runners receive their medal and go directly to their meet up spot. These will be labeled alphabetically by school name. There will be a designated meet up spot for individual runners.

Connection Process

Guardians who are NOT registered and have a tear tag to claim a child will only be allowed to enter at the Guardian Entrance in the Finish Line area. Guardians MUST have the tear tag from the bottom of the race bib of the child they are claiming. Guardians claiming a child need to go to the correct school meet up area (labeled alphabetically by school name) OR to the designated meet up for individual runners.

Post Race Party

Upon exiting the Kids Finishers’ Corral, registered runners will receive drawstring backpacks loaded with race swag and exit into Scissortail Park for the post-race party.

Tear Tag Procedures

The Kids Marathon is dedicated to being a safe and enjoyable event for kids, parents/guardians and teachers.

  • Only registered participants will be allowed on the course and in the corral. Adults with a tear tag are allowed into the Kids Finisher Corral. Volunteers in brightly colored shirts and OKC Police will be in place the entire time.
  • Each child is given a bib to wear on race day with a “tear tag” at the bottom with the same number. A parent, guardian or teacher will be required to provide the matching tag for the child to leave the Kids Finisher Corral area.
  • You will see two separate entrances into the Kids Finishers’ Corral: One for registered participants and another for adults who have a tear tag to claim a child. Please use the correct entrance.
  • School Team Captains: Please collect all tear tags and keep them with your student roster. If you are responsible for your entire school team, we will have special exit lanes for you and your team to exit together. Volunteers will move down the line and check your tear tags in order to be released from the corral. You will be asked to provide the roster and corresponding number of tags – children will be accounted for and then exited under your supervision. We suggest keeping your tear tags together on a key ring or twist tie. The Team Captain can be responsible for all participants or the roster can be divided and another registered adult with your school can be responsible for specific kids. Please ensure all kids and parents on your school team are aware of these procedures.
  • If you do not have your matching tear tag or it has been lost, you will be subject to closer examination by trained volunteer(s) or the OKC Police before you are allowed to exit.

Thank you for your compliance with this system for the safety of each participant.