Join schools throughout Oklahoma who are participating in the Oklahoma City Memorial Kids Marathon School Group Program! Why register?

  • Learn an important part of Oklahoma history
  • Ability to assign a Team Captain who will manage your team
  • Take advantage of early packet pickup
  • Access to educational resources
  • Each participant will receive one free admission to the Memorial Museum
  • Win $500 Prizes for your Physical Education Department (Two $500 prizes are awarded to School Groups with the Highest Percentage of Participants and Highest Number of Participants.)

Kids Marathon School Groups are provided with educational resources to teach Why We Run and a training program to promote healthy living, including:

  • Why We Run Educational Curriculum
  • Oklahoma Kids Challenge (OKC) Days Training Program
  • Mileage Map featuring Oklahoma geography and history
  • Running Shoe Coloring Page
  • Lap Fitness Posters
  • Word-of-the-Week videos featuring America’s Got Talent Winner Darci Lynne Farmer
  • Exercise videos featuring Official Chair Bison Rumble
  • Rallies and Training Sessions led by the Marathon team
  • Participation recognition with certificates and banners
  • Kids Marathon swag

Kids Marathon Rally or OKC Days Training Session

We appreciate your commitment in leading your team to victory. Get your Kid Marathoners pumped up and ready to race by scheduling a rally or training session!

  • Rally (20 minutes): A high-energy, fun and informative assembly that can be tailored towards an entire school or specific grade levels that introduces your kids to the Kids Marathon and teaches the story of the Run to Remember. The rally will include basic fitness instruction, videos, guest speaker (e.g., survivor, first responder or marathoner) and race swag.
  • OKC Days Training Session (30-60 minutes): Range of fun and age-appropriate fitness instruction designed to supplement the OKC Days activity cards training program.

Schedule a Training or Rally

Sign Up Your School Group

  1. Submit the School Group Registration Form and Create A School Team | Once the team captain has submitted the registration form, we will create your school team. A school code/password will be emailed to the team captain to confirm that your school team is signed up. The team captain will have access to view all the members and ensuring the list is correct.

    School Group Registration

  2. Send out information to parents.
  3. Help the kids log their 25 miles leading up to Race Day! | Access the online resources to learn the importance of Why We Run. You’ll be sent these in an email after registering.
  4. Finish the last 1.2 miles on Race Day! | Please note, if a child and parent have already signed up for the Kids Marathon and need to join your team, please Contact Us so that we can get them added to your school group!

Cleveland Elementary and Rosary Catholic School were our prize winners for the 2019 Kids Marathon! (Award Winner Videos)