Marathon Ambassadors

Weeks ago we put out the call to you, our absolutely amazing running community, to help us get the word out about the #RuntoRemember . Over one hundred applications were submitted to become part of the inaugural class of #OKCMarathon Ambassadors . Thank you to everyone who submitted! Without the ravenous support of our participants and community, this race would not be the event it is today.

Blayne Arthur – @BlayneArthur

Oklahoma City, OK

My mother, Dr. Peggy Clark, was killed in the bombing. Each year, our family runs in the Run To Remember in memory of her. I have two children and I love the OKC Marathon. It is a time of remembrance, but also sharing of wonderful memories while celebrating the success of those crossing the finish line.

Kathleen Ashlock – @KathleenAshlockFit

Oklahoma City, OK

I am a 2x marathon finisher, and have participated in the OKC Marathon races for 7 consecutive years. I enjoy long distance running as a time in meditation with Jesus. I love the heart, faith, & community spirit of the OKC Marathon, & want everyone to experience the race’s significant impact.

Randy Brinkley – @Randy.Brinkley.3

Mustang, OK

I have run the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon 3 times and in 2016 I ran the Oklahoma City Memorial Full Marathon as my Final Qualifying race for the Marathon Maniacs. This month I completed my quest of 31 Half Marathons in 350 days. To date, I have run 179 Races which includes 77 Half Marathons and 5 Full Marathons.

Luis Chavez – @_LuisChavez_

Alva, OK

Running has been a passion of mine since I can remember. I am an Assistant Cross Country coach at Northwestern. Leading up to the OKC Marathon, I will be toeing the line at Boston on Patriots Day in 2018. The crowds in OKC are the best I have ever seen. The atmosphere in Oklahoma City on the last Sunday of April is just phenomenal!

Bria Cornforth – @KayakBria

Oklahoma City, OK

I am 17, and a member of Team USA canoe/kayak. I have been rigorously training since the age of 12 and running has been a huge part of my training. I love the spirit of running and the way it brings people together. The inspiration behind the OKCMarathon is so powerful; it brings me much joy to be a part of such a wonderful team.

Amy Downs – @AmyDowns

Oklahoma City, OK

When I was in the hospital recovering from my injuries after the bombing, I looked out of the window and saw everyone driving around with their headlights on all day as a symbol of love and support. When I see thousands of runners gather at the start line each year, they are sending out that same message of love and support to the family members, survivors, and those changed forever.

Reggie Freeman

Oklahoma City, OK

As an Officer, I don’t really fear death, I do however fear being forgotten. For that reason, I got involved to do what I can to make sure they are remembered. Police as a group have a shortened life span due to the stress of the job. That stress can not be mitigated, how our bodies react to it can be. If I can get more Officers involved, maybe we can have less heart problems and deaths from heart related issues. We need to change the way we operate as a group. So, why not start with me.

Lisa Garcez – @LisaGarcez

Ellicott City, MD

I served in the Coast Guard Institute in Oklahoma City, it was there where I fell in love with Oklahoma and the mission of the Marathon and running. I began to run and fund-raise annually. What I love most about the Marathon is the way the city comes together and supports every person running and that every participant is running for a purpose!

Stephanie Griffioen – @Griffioen_Life

Oklahoma City, OK

My husband was running on August 20th when he was hit by a truck and killed instantly. My running story has always involved him, and now my purpose is to honor his memory and not let fear rule in my life. We both loved doing the Memorial race every year. There’s nothing else quite like the excitement, buildup, and energy this city exudes leading up to April, and it was infectious to be a part of. I hope that his story, our story, can show others that we are capable of overcoming life’s most unimaginable obstacles, and to also bring awareness to runner safety on the roads.

Tera Halverson – @THalverson23

Council Bluffs, IA

I’m a 32 year old mom of four amazing kids. I started running about three years ago now. One of my favorite races ever is the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. I ran the half marathon in 2017 and it was the best running experience I’ve ever had. The spectator support is unmatched to any other race I have ever been a part of. Running with hundreds of first responders was humbling and awe inspiring.

Steve Harris

Oklahoma City, OK

I’ve worked as a firefighter for OKC for 18 years. My kids are grown, so my wife of 30 years and I enjoy running. It’s a healthy, fun, and inexpensive hobby. Right now I’m recovering from foot surgery. People say, is it because you run too much? And I say, No! It’s so I can run more. I’m proud to support the Memorial Marathon for many reasons, but mostly this is my home sweet home.

Jennifer Hilger – @jedijen11

Norman, OK

Hi! I’m a wife, mom, and runner from Norman, OK. OKC is my favorite race because runners of all abilities come together to celebrate life. I ran my first half and first full in OKC. I’ve been fortunate enough to serve as a coach with Red Coyote in the past. I love helping others reach their running goals!

Matthew Kimbrough – @Runner_4_Life_88

Abilene, TX

I have been running for almost two years, and I am honored to be an Ambassador for the OKC Marathon. I Run to Remember for the 168 amazing people that lost their lives on that tragic day in 1995. I am thankful that such an amazing event takes place to honor them.

Christopher Lee – @AsianontheRun

Oklahoma City, OK

The OKC Memorial Marathon was the fifth race I have ever completed and second half marathon. From the first time I ran this race until now, participating in this race has been amazing. I have always felt a great sense of community and love from this event. From a participant standpoint it is great to see a community come together for a purpose!

Tara Light – @Tara.T.Light

Norman, OK

I am the girl who used to fake sick in grade school P.E. so I wouldn’t have to run laps…but now I run marathons and count down each year to my favorite day: OKC Memorial Marathon day. It is the BEST day to be an Oklahoman! I have run in one of the events every year since 2009 and plan to finish my eleventh full marathon this year!

Eric London – @ELove08

Stillwater, OK

I run OKC because I’m an Okie, to compete against other Oklahomans, see the community come together, and run for the victims and heroes of that day! I have run the OKC 1/2 or Full the past 7 years, but the past 2 years I have been competing up front with the help of Courage Running group who helped me find my potential of my God given abilities.

Melanie Morriss – @Run_Morriss_Run

Douglas, KS

As a “flatlander”, I was not prepared for the hills when I ran the 2016 OKC Memorial Half Marathon. My bruised pride was very quickly lifted by the amazing OKC people, on and off the course! To date I have run 13 half marathons & 2 marathons. I’m very excited to be a part of this event again!

Sophia Palin – @SPalin13

Oklahoma City, OK

It’s hard to put into words why I love our marathon. So much of it is tied up in emotion and faith. Our marathon shows us that there is not anything so strong that we can’t come together and overcome. I love being a part of such an empowered community.

Adrienne Rustin – @just_anokrunner

Ada, OK

The OKC Marathon is so special to me because it was my very first full marathon. The course is beautiful. Race swag is on point. And probably the most important reason I love this race: the purpose is beautiful. It’s our opportunity to remember those who lost their lives and to shine the light of recovery and resilience. You won’t walk away from this race unchanged.

Addison Skaggs – @AddisonSkaggs

Stillwater, OK

Growing up, I would often visit the OKC Memorial with my family and running was my favorite hobby. The OKC Memorial Marathon gives me an opportunity to run with a purpose . I run in the OKC Marathon for a better tomorrow. I Run to Remember because evil did not, and will not, win.

Rochell Werito – @RoWerito

Oklahoma City, OK

I am Muscogee Creek and Navajo. In 2011, I received a Bachelors of Science degree from Oklahoma State University. I work for OKCPS in the Native American Student Service dept. as the Cultural Programs Coordinator. I love the OKC Marathon because it brings inspiration from near and far, and the community unites in a celebration of life.

Ben Whitehead – @NinjaminRuns

Yukon, OK

I love the OKC Memorial because it shows the resilience of the people of this city. We come together to accomplish something very few think is even possible. We do it for the victims, survivors, and all those who look to this city for a sign of strength and unity.