When is race weekend in 2021? 
The Marathon, Half Marathon and Relay will run on Sunday, October 3rd. The 5K and Kids Marathon will run on October 2.

Will there be an Expo in 2021?
We will also host the Expo in the unbelievable new Oklahoma City Convention Center on the east side of Scissortail Park. The Expo will be Friday October 1 and Saturday October 2. 

Will there be a bike race?
We will not be adding a Bike Ride. We have spent months working through the logistics and while we want to be able to offer this experience to those who prefer to bike, 2021 is not the year.

How do I find my deferral link to sign up for 2021?
Your deferral link was emailed via RunSignUp to the email address you signed up with in 2020. If you can’t find it, use the contact us form and we can re-send it. Please note, you have until February 1, 2021 to use your deferral link. 

How do I find my 20% off coupon if I ran and entered my time in 2020?
Your 20% off coupon was sent in the confirmation email upon submitting your 2020 time. If you can’t find it, use the contact us form and we can re-send it. There is no deadline to use your 20% off coupon. 

When do I receive my training shirt that I purchased during registration?
Orders are pulled and processed every Monday; therefore product should be received in hand between 5-7 business upon ordering.

Why We Run Weekend Series

How do I sign up for the Why We Run Weekend Series?
Click here. Select the Why We Run Weekend Series you want to participate in instead of individually signing up for each race. If you have already signed up and would like to change your registration to the series, please contact us.

How to get I get my additional challenge swag?
After you finish your race on Sunday, you will head into Scissortail Park to the Why We Run Weekend Series tent to show your bib to receive your additional shirt and medal.  


Is there swag?
Runners in all races receive a participant T-shirt and a beautiful, hand-cast bronze finisher’s medal. Looking for more? Visit our store!

Social Media

Is the Marathon on social media?
Yes! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Post photos, thoughts, and motivational comments for your fellow runners to see and use the hashtag #RUNtoREMEMBER!


Can I register on the day of the race?
No, there is no Race Day registration. If entries are still available after online registration closes, late registration for available spots in any of the races will be held at the Health & Fitness Expo.

How can I check to ensure that I am registered?
You will receive an email confirmation within minutes of completing your online registration transaction. If you don’t receive the email, check your spam folder or use this link to confirm your registration.

Can I switch my registration from one race to another? 
You may change your race until the race sells out. You will be charged a $20 service fee plus the difference of the registration cost based on the date and time you are making the change. Click here for instructions on how to change your race online.

What happens if I register and then am unable to participate?
The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon has a No Refund / No Deferral policy. All entries are considered final upon payment. Transfers to another person are not allowed. Any athlete who allows someone else to participate in their place will face disqualification from the event and not be allowed to participate in future events. There are no exceptions to this rule as it is a requirement of our insurance provider. Excess funds raised from the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon are used to support the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum and its year round operation.

Packet Pickup

Click here for Expo and packet pickup information.

Can I pick up my packet on Race Day?
There is no packet pickup on Race Day. Packet pickup will be held at the Health & Fitness Expo. Packets will NOT be mailed.

What do I need to bring with me to pick up my packet? 
Each participant will receive a final confirmation sent via email during race week. Bring a photo ID and your bib number to the Expo to pick up your packet. If for any reason you do not receive or misplace your final confirmation, please visit the bib look up computers inside the Expo.

Can a friend pick up my packet for me? 
Yes. Your friend needs to know your bib number and present a copy (printed or digital) of your driver’s license.

Do I need my final confirmation?
No. You must present your bib number and ID to pick up your packet at the Expo. We also ask that you review the information sent in your bib confirmation email for accuracy. This is the perfect time to let us know if your address has changed or will change, and if your gender, age and wheelchair status is correct. This will ensure proper division placement for the official race results. If for any reason you do not receive or misplace your final confirmation, please visit the bib look up computers inside the Expo.

Bib Numbers and Timing

How can I find out my bib number? 
You will be notified of your assigned bib number when you receive your final confirmation the Thursday before Race Weekend. Bib number assignments are not available via email and will only be released with final confirmations. If for any reason you do not receive or misplace your final confirmation, please visit the bib look up computers inside the Expo.

We use the Chronotrack timing system to ensure that everyone receives an accurate time. Per USATF Rule 245.1, Open Men’s and Women’s and Master Men’s and Women’s top three awards in the Marathon and the Half Marathon will be based on gun time (the order in which the athletes cross the finish line). Age group and Relay awards will be based on timing system time (the actual time elapsed between an athlete reaching the Start Line and Finish Line). Digital clocks will be located at each mile and at the 5K splits to indicate the unofficial running time. The digital clocks at the Finish Line display your unofficial time. Official time is determined by the Chronotrack timing system.

In order to receive an accurate time, please confirm your bib is:

  • Clearly visible on the FRONT of the torso.
  • Unaltered or modified. Do not fold or wrinkle or you risk breaking the timing chip.
  • Pinned in all four corners so the timing chip stays flat.
  • Not covered with jackets, water bottles, etc so as not to block the reading of the timing chip.

What are the pace groups and time?
Red Coyote Running and Fitness will provide pace group leaders. You can meet the pace team, pick up a FREE pace tattoo and find out more information at the Red Coyote Pacer booth at the Expo. Look for the Red Coyote pace signs at the Start Line.

  • Marathon pace times: 3:30, 3:40, 3:50, 4:00, 4:10, 4:15, 4:30, 4:45, 5:00, 5:15, 5:30, 5:45, 6:00
  • Half Marathon pace times: 1:30, 1:35, 1:40, 1:45, 1:50, 1:55, 2:00, 2:05, 2:10, 2:15, 2:20, 2:25, 2:30, 2:45, 3:00

Pacer Questions


What is the weather typically like on Race Day? 
Famous Oklahoman, Will Rogers, said that if you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, wait 5 minutes! It could be cool and damp, it could be warm and dry.

What happens if it rains?
The race will go on regardless of precipitation. The race will only be delayed or cancelled if weather conditions present imminent danger to participants.

Start and Finish Lines

Where does the race start?
The race begins in front of the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum between 5th and 6th streets and Harvey Avenue.

What time do the races start? 
On Saturday, October 2, the Memorial 5K begins at about 7:30am and the Kids Marathon begins at 10:00am. On Sunday, October 3, the wheelchair athletes begin at 6:25am. The Marathon and Relay begin at 6:30am. The Half Marathon will have two waves – 7:30am and 8:30am.

Where can I meet my family and friends after the race?
The easiest way to find your family and friends after the race is to have a plan beforehand. Meet up at the post-race Finish Line Festival. In this area, you can pick up some Official Memorial Marathon merchandise and grab some more food!

What time should I get there on Race Day? 
There’s lots going on before the race kicks off. Join us at 5:30am at the Survivor Tree for an inspiring pre-race sunrise service. Announcements start at 6am and include the 168 seconds of silence, one for each of those killed in the Oklahoma City bombing, that runners tell us creates the most moving race start anywhere. Cheer on the wheelchair athletes as their race begins at 6:25am before you take off at 6:30am.

Are shuttles available?
There will be shuttles running a continual loop to and from designated hotels and the start/finish area. 


Where can I park on Race Day?
There are several privately owned parking lots close to the Start and Finish Lines, many of which provide free or discounted parking. Please do not park in any residential, church or business driveways or parking lots that are not listed on the parking map. You can be towed.

Gear Check

What type of bag may I check? 
You will receive a gear check bag with your T-shirt at packet pickup. This bag is the ONLY bag you may check before the race. The bag is 17″ x 21″ in size, clear in color and has a drawstring closure. No other bags are accepted at gear check. Please complete the gear check information form and insert face out in your bag for easy retrieval after the race.

Where is the baggage check located?
Gear check is located at the Oklahoma City Convention Center. Gear check will be available during the Health & Fitness Expo. Runners can also drop off their gear check bag from 4:00am – 6:00am on Sunday.

How do I check my bag and claim it once the race is over?
Gear check is available for Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay and 5K participants. You will find a baggage check tag attached to your race bib. The tag is printed with your bib number. Detach the tag and attach it to your bag and bring your bag to gear check. All runners will check their gear that has been placed in the gear check bag at the gear check tent. An additional baggage claim ticket is attached to the bottom of your race bib. After the race, visit the baggage check area and present your baggage claim ticket to retrieve your bag.

What happens to my bag if I forget to claim it after the race?
Gear check closes at 1pm on Race Day and all bags must be picked up before that time.

What if I lose something at the race? 
Lost-and-found is located at the Gear Check booth. Items discarded along the race route will be collected and donated to local shelters.

How many bags can I check? 
Due to space limitations, we are only able to check one bag per runner. Baggage check will only accept the gear check bag you receive with your race packet.

Can I leave jewelry, computers or other valuables at gear check? 
We strongly recommend that you leave your valuables at home. The Memorial Marathon is not responsible for lost or stolen property, including any and all property checked at the gear check.

Course Support

How long are the streets closed?
Streets along the course route are closed and supported by police and course marshals from 6:30am to 1pm.

Why is there a time limit? 

Runners in the Marathon will have 6.5 hours of course support starting from when the last corral is released from the Start Line. If you’re not to mile 20 by noon you will be shuttled back to Scissortail Park to enjoy the Finish Line Festival.
Runners in the Half Marathon will have 4.5 hours of course support starting from when the last corral is released from the Start Line. If you are not Mile 10 by 3.5 hours after your wave start, you will be shuttled back to Scissortail Park to enjoy the Finish Line Festival.

Where are the Water Stops, Medical Stations and Relief Stations?
Official Memorial Marathon Water Stops, manned by volunteer groups, are located every mile along the course. In addition to entertainment and enthusiastic cheering, each Water Stop provides water and Powerade to participants. Some Water Stops also provide oranges, pretzels and other snacks. Many neighborhood and other groups set up their own water stops and provide a variety of drink and snack options. GU is available water stop 13. Medical Stations are located every other mile beginning at mile 5, and every mile from mile 19 to the finish. Port-o-Potties are located every mile starting at mile 2.

Are there items prohibited on the course?
What is not allowed on course: backpacks, rucksacks, any over the shoulder item, air tanks, inflatable costumes, bicycles, scooters, strollers (with the exception of the 5K and Kids Marathon where we ask that all strollers be at the back of coral), roller blades, roller skates, any wheeled item other than wheelchairs. No animals with the exception of ADA approved service dogs.

Running belts, hand-held water bottles and clip on water bottles less than one liter are allowed. In accordance with USATF guidelines, wheelchair athletes must wear helmets. Thank you for helping us keep the Marathon safe for everyone.


Is gun or tag time (chip time) used to determine prizes? 
Per USATF rules, gun time is used to determine winners. Tag time (chip time) is used to determine all age-group winners and other award recipients.

Are there awards?
All awards including age group and Relay, awards will be shipped to you after the event.

Qualify for Boston

Can my Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon time qualify me for the Boston Marathon?
Yes! The Boston Marathon accepts qualifying times from the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. Qualifying times for the Boston Marathon vary by age group. The Memorial Marathon will send a complete list of finishers to the BAA about a week after the race.

Click here to view the new Boston Marathon qualifying times.

How do I submit my time to the Boston Marathon? 
When registering for the Boston Marathon, enter your finishing time, finishing place, race name, and location and date of the race in the section entitled “Qualification Information.” Be sure to indicate if the time you entered is gun time or tag time (chip time).

Will the Boston Marathon check to confirm my time? 
Yes. The Boston Marathon automatically receives a list of all official finishers of the Memorial Marathon and their tag (chip) and gun times. The time entered on your Boston Marathon registration will be checked against the official time that is on file. For questions regarding qualification for the Boston Marathon, please contact the Boston Athletic Association.


Where do I get my medal after the race? 
Finishers in all races will receive a medal after crossing the Finish Line. Marathon and Half Marathon runners will use the ticket attached to the bottom of their bib to claim their Finisher’s blanket. Finisher’s blankets are available to Full and Half Marathon participants.

Will I be able to purchase race merchandise on Race Day?
Yes! Runners may purchase official race merchandise on Race Day at the Merchandise Booth in the Finishers Plaza. Click here for official Memorial Marathon merchandise.

Is there swag?
Runners in all races receive a participant T-shirt and a beautiful, hand-cast bronze finisher’s medal. All adult participants receive a link to their Digital Race Bag, full of offers and coupons. All participants receive our Oklahoma hospitality, food and drinks along the course and at the finish line. Vendors at the Health & Fitness Expo often hand out free samples.

Can I have or buy an extra T-shirt?
We can only provide one T-shirt per registered participant. There is a variety of Official Memorial Marathon merchandise available for sale at the Expo, in the merchandise tent on Race Day and online.

Social Media

Is the Marathon on social media?
Yes! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Post photos, thoughts, and motivational comments for your fellow runners to see and use the hashtag #RUNtoREMEMBER!


Can runners be tracked on the course?
The Memorial Marathon has an App available for Android or iPhone and is available free in each respective app store. Runners will be tracked at their splits and can be followed by a name or bib number search.

Where are the best spectator venues?
Check out our Spectators page for information on OKC’s amazing neighborhoods! Out of respect for other residents, we ask that spectators not use air horns to cheer on runners.