Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

Forever Connected

Rebecca Needham Anderson and Stella Cordova never met each other but they are forever connected by that April day. In this year’s 5K both families are participating to honor Rebecca and Stella, and to remember from 22 years ago the selfless gift one gave the other.

Runner Tracking

Participants, Family & Friends can all use Tracking & Live Results to share in the Marathon excitement. Sign up now to have race progress posted automatically to your Facebook or Twitter feeds or texted to your mobile phone! On Race Day, spectators can get status of participants in real-time using the Live Tracker & Leaderboard. Details such as time, pace, position on the map and estimated finish will be instantly available!

Live Web Tracker – See times and current pace within seconds of a participant crossing each split point. Estimated times will be provided based on current pace.

Live Leaderboard – See who is winning via the Live Leaderboard. Top runners in each category will be displayed in real-time as they lead the way through the course.

Real-time Facebook / Twitter Notifications – Get automatic posting as progress is made on the course. As a spectator, the times of the participant you are tracking can be posted to your Facebook or Twitter feed automatically allowing friends and family to share in the excitement! If you are a participant, claim your profile and enable Facebook or Twitter notifications. Your stats will post live as you pass each checkpoint.

Live Map Tracking – Participant locations will be plotted on the Interactive Course Map as progress is made on course. The position of each participant is estimated based on the most recent timing received from the bib read. NOTE: Participants do not need to carry their phones for this feature to work.

Text2Follow® – Follow participants in real-time via text notifications to your mobile phone.

Email Notifications – Sign up for live notifications to one more email addresses.

Setup Tracking

Download the All-New App!

The all new Memorial Marathon App is now available for download on your Android or Apple device! Watch the video below to check out the new features and why our runners think you’ll love it.

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Excitement is already building for the 17th Annual Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon which will be held on April 30th, 2017! This year, we challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, be brave and sign up to run an #OKCMarathon race you have never accomplished before! No time is better than now to get back into the groove and it’s never too early to start training for your first Marathon or sign up your family to complete a Marathon Relay together.

2017 is YOUR year!

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